Plan of Attract

“We attract the form and function necessary to handle the dynamic contrast of the present presence of perfect princely prescience.”
How do we go about getting what we want? Since the Fall, it seems no self-aware being in Creation has been immune to the struggle with their blessed self-will. In other words, once a consciousness experiences “I want” over the course of it’s lifespan, a slippery slope seems to ski-jump into the upper atmosphere before stalling into a flat spin.

“I want…” starts us off wrong from the downbeat by expressing our self-centeredness as the subject and our selfishness as the intent of our actions.
From this rocky start, we stumble through a litany of character defects, crossing them off our bucket list of Life’s necessary vicissitudes in order to learn the prerequisite amount of suffering required for the respective Gifts of lessons in virtue.
Never mind the high probability that we might not need what we want, the assurance that we already have whatever we think we don’t have, and the certainty we’ll never lose what can’t be lost, how do we counter the urge?

When practiced in deliberate word and action as a regular part of a daily ritual, gratitude is the tool of ego-maintenance. Discontent finds less vulnerabilities for harmful selfish expression, and finds itself more an asset for altruistic motivation.
A mind frustrated by self-pity loses interest in its solitary self and turns to find (it’s self in) others. “You” and “They” then become the welcome subjects of our thoughts, our words, and our endeavors, eventually leading us to a promised land of “We” and “Us.”
Rather than gossip or complain, a true communal spirit encourages the happy inclination to ask questions of our neighbors as to their welfare. The occult art of “active listening” can now be practiced, however erratically, to find ourselves a purpose that is not for ourselves. Then, after the toil of the day has solved Their problem, we may miraculously find it solved Ours just as well.

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What Our Hue Meant

We are the best
O ‘us…
Help the rest of us..

To share the zest in us..

Ta’ Be da best O’dis awwll ;
Da ‘best is da, da, best Bet-Tah*aaaaaaaajajahaaAh HAH HAH AH AHH AHHHjjj*

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Question Everything


What is the smallest incremental step towards fostering an open mind, an open heart, and an open soul?

There is, of course, an important experience in being able to consciously identify our own personal values, organizing (or reorganizing) our priorities accordingly, and, when called upon, to intelligently defend ourselves against various influences that attempt to unreasonably minimize or completely dismiss them. Besides the completely natural expression as an “Ego Defense Mechanism,” arguing our point of view also prevents us from being purposefully victimized, misled, or otherwise marginalized in the important movements taking place in our respective, yet interdependent communities. Each and every one of our voices is important, to others as much as ourselves, if we honestly feel we can contribute something constructive and original to the conversations that (hopefully, eventually) lead to shaping all humanity for the public good, in law or in mood.

Alternatively, there is an even more important experience in being able to assimilate new information and new experiences into our self-conception in such a way as to improve our utility, creativity, and overall enjoyment in our lives. Consider that is exactly how we progressed this far. As a child we knew we didn’t know everything. We were little scientists, observing the world around us, developing experiments, and formulating conclusions based on a fundamental understanding of the scientific method. Put simply, we learned new things based on the assumption that there was so much out there yet to learn.

But when all else failed (when we had access to parents, teachers, mentors, or even books), we asked questions. The very act of asking a question was an illustration of our humility. Not only did we not know everything, we trusted that someone else might, and we were were open to receive this new information. Granted, we might express skepticism if an answer seemed too ludicrous to digest, but we might express this critical thinking process by asking follow up questions for clarity. The act of investigatory discourse with someone who was not us may give us answers that beg more questions, but our dogged determination could fortuitously lead us over a bridge of curiosity onto a new, more stable shore of confidence, awe, and wonder.

The “Beginner’s Mind” is the curious but capable mind of a child. Although we may, at times, find ourselves resolutely defending a position we think is factually accurate and logically valid, but by refusing to continually ask new questions we miss the priceless opportunities to learn new information, especially regarding subjects about which we think we already know “enough” to be confident in our conclusions. Complacency breeds obstinacy, so let us be mindful of our limited understandings as well as our soul’s natural curiosity and inclination to expand our awareness. For it is really by deepening our understanding rather than simply expanding our knowledge that blesses us with insight into the nature of ourselves, other people, all life on earth, the ecosystems we share, the deliberate workings of the universe, and our union (or reunion) with the creative consciousness of a loving and creative intelligence. This begins, and is perpetuated by, asking questions. So, open your mind and ask questions ceaselessly. Open your heart and listen to what others are trying to say. Open your soul and feel symbiosis with the universe.image

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Fortress of Solitude

I’m the best friend I ever had
I like to be with me.
I like to sit and tell myself
Confidential things.


To be alone is simply to be separated, in physical or emotional distance, from other people. Loneliness is the uncomfortable feeling of sadness that may come from that separation. Solitude, on the other hand, is a positive aloneness that implies a conscious choice to be separated from social interaction for the sake of enjoying the time spent with oneself.
Solitude is often associated with getting away from people and, idyllicly, into nature. But it is possible to live in a cave and never know solitude if we are still under constant demand to be amused, entertained, taken away from ourselves in a frantic search for diversion.

An often misunderstood and misrepresented form of aloneness, solitude is wondrous and valuable because of what it contains, not because of what it lacks. Certain truths are so alien to ordinary consciousness that we must withdraw, finding a deep and abiding connection with ourselves, in order to experience them. In our contemplative life we may find the ecstasy of self awareness, reflection, penitence, purification, our own creativity, or even empathy and compassion for others. We may clarify and reorder priorities. In it’s pinnacle, we may even find God… Or hear her voice.

We may even enjoy solitude in the company of others! How many times in our lives have we enjoyed the shared silence of a walk on the beach, sitting in a park, or reading next to each other? The insight we gain has very little to do with the amount of time we spend alone and more to do with the quality of time we spend with ourselves. Rather than dwell in morbid reflection, self conscious and judgemental, well spent solitude is the best cure for self deception and illusions of the false self… sometimes the only one. We see that there are no mistakes and all events are blessings given to us to learn from.

Nothing strengthens judgment and quickens the conscience like individual responsibility. When practiced rightly, we will find love for who we are, where we are, where we come from and that same love will engender compassion towards others. That compassion will strengthen our connection to others, our community, and what a lovely surprise it will be to discover how utterly unlonely being alone can be!

We can and should schedule moments in which to practice solitude, no matter how much our lives conspire against us. Become friends with yourself. Learn to appreciate who you are and your unique gifts. Be patient with yourself and, above all else, use your sense of humor to keep things in perspective.

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Character vs. Circumstance

How do we improve our happiness? Most people are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves. They therefore remain unhappy regardless of circumstance. Sometimes the most effective catalyst for this misdirection is the unconscious deference to the subjective judgement of an outside observer. Fortunately, it is also the easiest to remedy.

We are not our reputation. We are not defined simply by what people think of us. Who we are is independent of how we are treated. That is not to say how we are viewed, or are subsequently treated, does not affect our circumstances- it just does not have to affect our character, which temporally outlasts and materially transcends our circumstances. Reputation resides solely in the minds of others. Personal responsibility can be taken only for what resides within: character.

An observer (including a subject observing their self) may conclude that a person lacks positive character value based on their outward circumstance, but it would be a superficial judgement. A person’s entire soul condition or present character cannot accurately be judged from the external aspects of his life alone. Transitory circumstances are the context in which character expresses itself. Character traits, good or bad, productive or destructive, are only the colors of the palette while circumstances are the canvas upon which these colors take shape, create depth, and form scope.

Only by much searching and mining are gold and diamonds obtained and man can find every truth connected with his being if he will dig deep into the mine of his soul. Only by taking personal responsibility can a man realize he is literally what he thinks- his character being the complete sum of his thoughts- and he is the maker of his own character.

He stops cursing his myopic view of his situation when he realizes his character can only manifest and discover itself through environment and circumstance. Seeing himself as a progressive and evolving being, man is where he is so that he may learn that he must grow and as he learns the spiritual lesson which any circumstance may contain for him, it passes away and gives place to other circumstances. ALL his past experiences, good and bad, are found to be the equitable outworking of his evolving and unevolved self.

When a man earnestly applies himself to remedy his defects of character, and makes swift and marked progress, he passes rapidly through a succession of vicissitudes. Only then does he find his try reward. Wretchedness of mental discord, not a lack of material possessions, is the measure of wrong thought; blessedness of mental harmony, not the accumulation of material wealth, is the measure of right thought. A man may be rich and cursed; he may be poor and blessed.

He knows, on a visceral level, circumstance does not make the man- it reveals him to himself.

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Is there any such thing as “right?”

“Right” is a word that means something different than the word “wrong.” They are not synonymous or interchangeable. In this sense, there is a difference between “right” and “wrong.”

“There is no-thing that is right and no-thing that is wrong” disproves itself by asserting itself as right. From the supposition itself, it can be inferred that an opposing argument, “THIS is right and THIS is wrong” is a “wrong” statement!

This disallows anything to BE or NOT BE. Only by granting permission for something to be untrue do we give any reality for anything to be true.

A lack of open-mindedness does not only exhibit itself as callously calling things wrong, untrue or unreal; it also exhibits itself by callously saying there is no right, no truth, no real. In both cases, they deny the existence of half the universe. But only in the latter case does the arguer include themselves in that denial.

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Happy Birthday… Everyday!

Let us examine the celebration of birth. It does not make sense that we only come into being from the second we left our Mother’s bodies. Biologically, our physical bodies were set in motion from the moment of conception. A complex chain reaction began that started unpacking the information from a unique DNA code until it actualizes itself into what IT, and no other DNA combination, was INTENDED to be. Without interruption, and with conscientious nurturing by our Mother’s habits, we become who we were meant to be- like a forgone conclusion- from the unique flecks of colors in our eyes down to our fingerprints!

Somewhere along the process, we are imbued with a soul- or a consciousness if that term is negligibly acceptable- that was AWARE. Phenomenology asserts that consciousness is only to be conscious OF something. Psycholinguistics asserts that without language we lack the ability to store our awareness in our memories. Regardless, it’s unlikely that, despite any legal definition, our living truly starts only once our face hits fresh air. Although the traumatic impact can not be understated, it seems arbitrary to mark THAT moment as the ONLY day of the year to be mindful of our life.

One day is 1,680 minutes. Is a month 30 or 31 days? Is a year measured in a lunar cycle or solar? 365 days seems like a random number to celebrate, doesn’t it?

Our skin dies and sloughs off. Our blood is replaced every eight weeks. Hair and fingernails grow out and are cut off. Every cell in the body is continually living and dying. Like the famed Ship of Theseus that has had every one of it’s planks replaced over it’s traveling lifetime, is it still the same ship in the end?

The matter that constitutes the body existed long before the consciousness inhabited it; the same matter will always exist once it leaves the body… Or the consciousness leaves it.  We are not what makes up our bodies, we only make use of it temporarily. 

When observing our “birthday” in the traditional sense, doesn’t it feel like the whole world should acknowledge us and our purpose?  If, by circumstance, it does not, and treats us like any other day, isn’t it all the more tragic?

Let us carry our confidence that the world is ours into EVERY day- even every second- because it is. Every particle in the cosmos has traveled through vast space and infinite time to meet us in this moment. We are the result of a long line of spiritual beings surviving a human experience long enough to procreate and pass on the intention of our DNA. Our existence on this life-sustaining planet tucked into a very small corner of an infinite universe is proof positive that we were MEANT to be here. Foster the strong feeling of connectedness to everyone and everything in the cosmos. We all have a destiny we must act on; we are temporarily here for a reason. 

“Enthusiasm” is the Greek word for “a God within.” By bringing enthusiasm to our actions EVERY DAY we honor the gift of life by the way we live it; we shatter the illusion of separation from God and people by finding God within and seeing ourselves in others; we lose the fear of death and commemorate the gift of human birth by being reborn in the infinite spirit. 

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.”
-William Blake

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